Album: If You Light Yourself On Fire, They Will... (2010)

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Song: Fleas Like Us

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Do they sound angry? They're really not. Waxgordon merely discuss love, happiness and confusion with the enthusiasm of a nest of tweaking hornets. The guitars are relentless, the drums punish, and the bass saturates your bottom half. This isn't fraudulent faux-angst or feigned brutality; this is conviction and honesty from four guys who have seen the half-hearted come and go. The approach is the same, but now they're older, happier, more content, and as fired up as they've ever been. And they still spit like a 150 proof breath of fire. If you want to see people with nothing to lose and everything to burn, you might wanna check out Waxgordon. They have an unlit match and plenty of wattage. Watch 'em strike it and set your shit ablaze. They do this for life (not for a living). If you light yourself on fire, they will come and see you burn.